5 More Pokemon That Desperately Need Mega Evolutions

Several months ago, I wrote an article about 5 Pokemon that desperately need to get a Mega Evolution. It was fun to do, and people seemed to like it. So, I’m going to do it again. Enjoy.


1. Butterfree

I can’t be the only person to think it was a little unfair that Beedrill got a really fucking cool Mega Evolution while Butterfree didn’t get shit. That doesn’t sit right with me. I’ve actually thought to myself ever since Mega Evolution was first announced as a concept years ago that Butterfree deserves one, but so far, nothing. I’d like to change that. I mean, who doesn’t like Butterfree? Sure, it’s not the strongest Pokemon (hell, it’s not even the strongest Bug-Type Pokemon), but if you didn’t tear up even a little when Ash said goodbye to his Butterfree, then you have no soul, and you can leave. I’ll admit, it took me some time to think of a good way to give Butters here a Mega, but dammit, Butterfree is worth the time I put into it.

Typing: We’re going to drop the worthless Flying half and replace it with Fairy. “What? Turn Mega Butterfree into the first Bug/Fairy-type? You’re a loose cannon!” Oh yeah. I’m going there. By replacing the Flying half with Fairy, it eliminates the crippling 4x weakness to Rock, especially Stealth Rock. To make it even better, it keeps its 4x resistance to Fighting, and gains an immunity to Dragon. Powerful stuff. But how will it take advantage of it move-wise? We’ll get to that in a bit.

Stats: Like its pal Beedrill, in order to make Butterfree useful, we’re going to have to take away 30 points from its previous base stat total to give us 130 extra stat points to work with. We’re going to take the 30 points away from Butterfree’s Attack stat, dropping it to 15. From there, we will add 35 to Defense, 5 to Special Defense, 40 to Special Attack and 50 to Speed. This brings Butterfree’s stat total up to 60/15/85/130/85/120. It can hit hard, move fast, and take a hit or two. But I know you: you’re still thinking about the Fairy-type. Well…

Ability: Mega Butterfree is going to get a brand new ability to call its own. I’m going to refer to it as “Fairy Wings.” This ability will change all of the user’s Flying-type attacks to Fairy-type, and increase their power by 50%. Now, I’ll admit, it will be a bit hard to take advantage of this on Butterfree. The only Flying-type attack it learns by level is the piece of shit Gust, and the only other one it gets is Air Cutter, which must be taught to it by a Move Tutor all the way back in Generation IV. Yes, you’re going to have to work to take advantage of this ability. But can you imagine slapping Air Cutter on this bad boy? It becomes Fairy-type, which is always a plus. The 50% power boost brings the base power up to 90, tying with Moonblast in terms of the most powerful base power Fairy move. Furthermore, STAB brings this up to a power of 135, plus the added ability of Air Cutter to increase the likelihood of Critical Hits. No, you’re not going to be taking Mega Butterfree to the Pokemon World Championships. But I’ll be damned if you’re not going to have some fun with it.


2. Rapidash



I remember being a kid playing Red and Blue and thinking to myself, “Rapidash should have another evolution that makes it a fiery Pegasus.” Looking back on that, about 17 years later, that may have been the most brilliant thought I had as a kid. Imagine Rapidash with an even bigger horn and giant, flaming wings coming out of its back. You don’t have to say anything; I can hear you getting aroused. Rapidash has been deeply loved by fans since the original 151, and I think it’s about time it got its due.

Typing: Despite the fact that I said we’re slapping big ol’ wings on Rapidash, it’s going to stay a pure Fire-type, for a few reasons. 1. Fire/Flying gives it a crippling 4x weakness to Stealth Rock and the Rock-type in general, and that is never something we want to deal with. 2. The only Flying-type move it could get STAB from is Bounce, and Bounce is not going to be worthy of a spot in your moveset (for God’s sake, it doesn’t even get Aerial Ace). 3. We can rectify the addition of its wings through its Ability. We’ll get to that soon.

Stats: To make Mega Rapidash as glorious as the mythical creature its design would be based on, we’re going to give it a serious offensive boost. 45 points will be added to its Attack stat, and 55 will be added to its Speed. This will bring Mega Rapidash up to a staggering 65/145/70/80/80/160. That 160 base Speed stat has Mega Rapidash tying Ninjask as the second-fastest Pokemon in the entire game, behind only Speed Form Deoxys (yes, Ninjask has Speed Boost, so it will technically become faster, but the point stands). No, it’s not going to be taking many hits with pretty subpar bulk, but when you are tied as the second-fastest Pokemon ever, and with an Attack of 145, chances are, you’re not going to be taking a whole hell of a lot of hits.

Ability: Now to address the wing thing. Instead of making it another Fire/Flying-type, we’re going to give it Levitate. Is that a cop out? Only if you let it be. But think about it: by going this route, Rapidash loses its weakness to Ground, doesn’t gain any new weaknesses, and doesn’t have to worry about Spikes or Arena Trap. What’s not to like?


3. Quagsire



Confession: I have never liked this dopey-looking mother fucker. The “market” is over-saturated with bulky Water-types, and it’s not even good at that. Yes, it gets Scald and Recover, and yes, it has a great typing, but other than that, its horrendous Speed, lackluster Special Defense, and just decent Defense undermine its very good HP and put Quagsire very low on the list of bulky Water-types you should use. But hey: that’s what Mega Evolution is for!

Typing: Other than the 4x weakness to Grass, Water/Ground is a wonderful typing. Good coverage and only one weakness are not something we want to change. It’s here to stay.

Stats: Quagsire needs some serious stat-changing to make him viable in the modern metagame. We’re going to drop 10 points from its already terrible Speed, because even Mega Evolution is not turning Quagsire into a sweeper. We’ll give 10 points to Attack, 50 to Defense, and 50 to Special Defense. This brings Quagsire to 95/95/135/65/115/25. Add to this the fact that Quagsire could reduce the opponent’s Attack by Burning them with Scald, raise its Special Defense with Amnesia, and replenish some health with Recover, and suddenly this derpy little shit becomes pretty hard to take down.

Ability: Everyone has wanted it for a Water/Ground-type, and because I’m here to make dreams come true, dammit, I’ll give it to you: Sap Sipper. No, Grass is not the most common attacking type, but by giving Mega Quagsire Sap Sipper, it becomes a defensive wall with no weaknesses. Throw in the added bonus of Grass moves giving Mega Quagsire a boost to its Attack, and you have one resilient little Water Fish Pokemon.


4. Torkoal



I don’t care that it’s not that great, I have always loved Torkoal. I don’t know, there’s just something about this coal-burning tortoise that always made me smile. As a matter of fact, I actually use one on my team. I know, right? So many better options, yet I go with Torkoal? Yep. I told you, I have a soft spot for this little Fire-type. I acknowledge, however, that it is not without its flaws. Dreadful Speed, a shallow movepool, and lackluster offensive stats completely eliminate any hope of Torkoal being any sort of offensive force, and its low Special Defense weakens its defensive potential. Mega Evolution could be the thing that catapults Torkoal to its rightful place among the pantheon of Pokegods.

Typing: My whole idea for Mega Torkoal is not going to be reinventing what it does, but merely reinforcing what it already does well. As such, we will keep its Fire-type. No reason to change anything here.

Stats: Pretty simple with the stat changes: we’re going to add 50 to both Defense and Special Defense, bringing its stats to 70/85/190/85/120/20. Still nothing to write home about offensively, but good luck punching a hole in those defenses.

Ability: Here’s where Mega Torkoal’s usability gets a boost. Mega Torkoal’s ability will change to Prankster, one of the most useful status-related abilities in the game. By raising the priority of all of Mega Torkoal’s status moves, it can guarantee getting out a Stealth Rock, a Yawn, a Toxic, etc. Many people may prefer to keep their Mega slot reserved for a powerhouse sweeper, but if you’re looking to set up your non-Megas, look no further.


5. Flygon



How in the sweet holy hell has this mofo not gotten a Mega Evolution yet? Ever since Mega Evolution was announced, fans have been very vocal about their favorite Ground/Dragon-type getting a Mega. Flygon was a force to be reckoned with back in the Ruby/Sapphire days, and even though it is not quite as useful nowadays, it remains a fan favorite. When X and Y rolled around and the Mystic Pokemon did not receive its Mega Stone, many Trainers cried foul. Then Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were announced. “Oh shit! The remakes of the generation that Flygon was introduced in, that are promising even more new Mega Evolutions! Surely it’ll get one now!” …No such luck. Somehow, Game Freak has either forgotten to give Flygon a Mega, or is deliberately choosing not to. Whatever the case, I’m going to make up for it right now.

Typing: Other than the nasty 4x weakness to Ice, Ground/Dragon is a very useful type. It’s here to stay.

Stats: One look at Flygon’s movepool is a bit bittersweet, as it has fantastic, extremely diverse options, but doesn’t really have the stats to back it up, especially in regards to Special Attack. Let’s fix that. We will add 50 to Flygon’s Special Attack, 30 to its Speed, and 10 to its Defense and Special Defense. This brings the Mystic Pokemon up to 80/100/90/130/90/130. Nice and quick, a Special Attack stat worthy of its wonderful move choices, and just a tad more bulk to make it a bit more sturdy. A respectable spread.

Ability: Flygon’s Pokedex entry refers to it as the “Desert Spirit,” and that is where the inspiration for its ability came from. Aptly titled “Desert Spirit,” this new ability exclusive to Mega Flygon will basically be a combination of Levitate and Sand Stream. Mega Flygon can’t be hit by Ground-type attacks, trapped by Arena Trap, or hurt by Spikes. In addition, a Sandstorm will begin when Flygon Mega Evolves. Instead of the traditional 5 turn Sandstorm, however, this Sandstorm will function similar the sun and rain of Primal Groudon and Primal Kyogre’s abilities: it will last indefinitely, but only as long as Mega Flygon is in battle. As soon as it is withdrawn or defeated, the Sandstorm stops. If it is sent out again, it will begin again.


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