Big Hero 6 Review

How do you follow up a massive phenomenon like Frozen? It’s been almost a full year since the movie’s release and we still can’t escape from the abundance of Olaf merchandise that adorns store shelves. Well, it looks like that little snowman may have some serious competition.

From the very first scene, it’s clear that Big Hero 6 is not your typical Disney flick. We’re introduced to Hiro, a kid genius who uses his skills to compete in robot fights. His older and equally intelligent brother, Tadashi, chooses to use his ingenuity to invent more helpful technology, specially a health care robot named Baymax. To help inspire his younger sibling, he takes Hiro to the university where him and his friends spend their time creating all sorts of amazing inventions. Hiro immediately begins working on an army of mentally controlled micro-bots to present to the school, but things go wrong when an unexpected disaster turns Hiro’s world upside down and puts his invention into the hands of a mysterious man in a Kabuki mask.

This may not sound like your ordinary Disney picture, but it does have some of the key elements of a classic Disney film, including borderline inappropriate innuendo and dead family members. However, it also includes one of the most adorable characters to ever appear in an animated film. Remember how surprised you were when Guardians of the Galaxy made you feel emotional over a talking tree? You’re going to feel the same way about Baymax. This goofy, inflatable robot is brilliantly brought to life by an extensive team of animators and the voice of Scott Adsit, who you may remember from 30 Rock. Physical comedy is so hard to convey through animation, but Big Hero 6 proves that it can be done. Everything Baymax does has incredible comedic timing, from the way he waddles to the way Adsit delivers his highly quotable lines with an almost childlike innocence. Move over, Olaf!

After a couple of frightening encounters with the Kabuki masked villain, Hiro decides to give Tadashi’s friends (Wasabi, Go Go, Honey Lemon and Fred) and Baymax some super powered upgrades. This leads to quite a few laughs and some killer action sequences, yet it doesn’t overshadow the fact that Big Hero 6 has a lot of heart. Even with all of the gadgets and gizmos, BH6 is very much about the relationship between two brothers and dealing with loss. I’ll admit that I was not expecting to get as emotional as I did.

Overall, Big Hero 6 is a welcomed addition to the Disney family and could possibly become their next cash cow. There were several moments where I found myself thinking that this could make a fantastic ride at Disney World, not to mention that there’s obvious potential for a sequel. Either way, I have a feeling they’re going to be selling a boatload of Baymax toys.

Without giving away any spoilers, I should also mention that you might want to stay until after the credits. It’s definitely worth it.


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