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Every now and then, a movie is released in which you can just feel the years of love and devotion that went into its development. Thankfully, I can say that Deadpool is one of those movies. And if you are one of those people who desperately tries to avoid hearing anything even remotely spoiler-ish about movies, that’s really all you need to know. Everyone really wanted this movie to happen, and it shines through in its quality. But for rest of you, let’s delve into what I thought of the film.

I’ll start it off by saying that Deadpool is not a perfect movie. No movie is, and that is especially true for superhero origin films. They almost all follow the same formula and that is more or less true for Deadpool. However, it is nice to see the movie tweak that formula ever so slightly and play with our expectations a bit to make the whole thing just a little more enjoyable. Enjoyability. That’s really where Deadpool shines and that’s not something a lot of the dark and serious comic book movies can say these days. I truly enjoyed damn near every second of Deadpool and I rarely went more than a minute or two without a laugh. Honestly, how can you not enjoy an insane, fourth-wall breaking, bullet-firing, sword-slashing, wisecracking mercenary played to perfection by Ryan Reynolds?


Reynolds is the true highlight of the film, and he does a pretty solid portion of his work beneath a mask. That’s rare in superhero films. It seems that Reynolds truly was born to play this role. The character felt so natural, no matter how silly, violent or insane he is. As I mentioned previously, his love for the character of Deadpool really shows through in his work. Reynolds has as much respect for the character as a lot of the fans who have patiently awaited this film, and he has provided us with the perfect film version of Deadpool. And as great as a character as he is in the comics, that really is no easy task.

If I said there wasn’t much else to talk about past Reynolds as Deadpool, would you be worried? Because you shouldn’t be. He carries the whole movie in a pretty impressive fashion. Sure, Morena Baccarin is pleasantly funny in a twisted way, Colossus is finally done justice on screen, Negasonic Teenage Warhead is cool as hell, and Ed Skrein gives us the evil British guy the movie needed. But everybody is going to see the Merc with a Mouth kick ass and crack wise, and there is plenty of that. Not that any of the aforementioned characters were done poorly, but they really served to facilitate Deadpool’s origins and his humor. It would have been nice to have more time with this pretty stellar supporting cast, but i think the movie was already as long as it should be.

Two characters that I didn’t mention that were big facilitators on the humor side, are Weasel and Blind Al. You always know what you are getting with TJ Miller, but it’s Deadpool’s scenes with Blind Al that often served some of the best and most rapid fire humor. As I said before, there are barely any stretches of more than a minute or two without at least a dozen jokes crammed in.

And those jokes are filthy. And I mean filthy. They weren’t playing around with that R rating. Profanities fly frequently, the action is gruesome and gory, love is made and lots of naked body parts are flashed. Basically, there is a little something there for all of us degenerates. And I’m not totally sure, but I bet you would be hard-pressed to find a movie with a higher density of dick jokes. There were times when the movie may have been having too much fun with the freedom of an R rating, but just remember, don’t bring your kids, check your maturity at the door, and enjoy a movie that really cuts loose.

Score: 10/10

As I said before, Deadpool isn’t perfect. But it is the perfect Deadpool movie. The jokes are fast and furious, the action is gory and well-choreographed, and it does all of this without feeling like it’s trying too hard, a common criticism with a lot of Deadpool comic appearances. The movie just works. You can thank the writing of Reese and Wernick, Ryan Reynold’s performance, and the excellently utilized supporting cast for that. I hate giving movies a perfect score, but Deadpool really accomplished everything it set out to do and then some, so it comes close. You have to respect a movie that knows exactly what it is, even if there are things it could have done better. I’m already excited for more Deadpool.

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