The Biggest Reveals and Surprises from E3 2016

E3 2016 has come and gone, leaving in its wake a number of surprises and unexpected reveals that tantalized gamers. Instead of covering every reveal from the show, we’re just going to touch on some of the more notable ones. From the undead to bandicoots, there certainly is a lot to talk about from this year’s show, so let’s dive right in to what will keep us inside for the next few years.


Zombies, Zombies, Everywhere

I certainly hope you’re not tired of zombie games, because the undead were not only at E3 this year, they dominated it. Days Gone, Dead Rising 4, State of Decay 2, and Resident Evil 7 were all announced at various conferences, showing the public that the zombie genre, much like its subject matter, refuses to die. Now, don’t misunderstand me: I love zombie games. All 4 of these games look great and I guarantee I’m going to be very excited to play them all when they release. Days Gone seems to be taking a more Last of Us-esque narrative driven approach to the genre, Resident Evil 7 is going the P.T. route and delivering intense, small-scale first-person horror, and Dead Rising 4 looks to be the most absurd entry in the series yet.


I don’t suppose this game has an infinite ammo cheat?

We haven’t seen any gameplay from State of Decay 2, so it’s hard to speculate on what the actual game will be like, but if the quality of the first game is any indication, there’s a lot to look forward to there, too. The zombie genre may keep coming back, but with games like this on horizon, you won’t see me complaining.


Yep, That’s a Kojima Game, Alright

Hideo Kojima, the batshit crazy game designer (and I mean that in the most respectful way possible) known for the Metal Gear Solid games, had a very public split from Konami late last year. This more than likely lead to the cancellation of the highly anticipated Silent Hills, a collaboration between Kojima, filmmaker Guillermo del Toro, and actor Norman Reedus. While there’s a good chance P.T. will never get the full game release it deserves, we can take solace in the knowledge that at least Kojima and Reedus maintained their working relationship. How do we know this? Well, Kojima has played coy about his new development company for months, dropping teases about his company’s odd logo and the game they’re working on, and now we know what that game is: Death Stranding. Revealed in a cinematic trailer starring a very sad, very naked Reedus, Death Stranding looks about as mind-fuckingly insane as a Kojima game should be.

death stranding

I have no clue what is going on, but god dammit do I want to play it.

And I could not be more excited about it. We know virtually nothing about this game, except for Kojima himself saying that it will have something to do with ropes and be familiar in style to gamers that like games like Uncharted or The Division. Ghost hands, beached whales, Daryl going full-frontal Dick-xon (sorry), and possibly male child birth? One, please.


The Scorpio is Real, and Apparently it’s Pretty Great

I always fall into the camp of “seeing is believing,” so it was a bit disappointing that Microsoft chose to reveal Project Scorpio in a way that showed absolutely nothing about it. Granted, it’s still exciting to see (or hear, rather) that they are currently working on “the most powerful console ever created,” despite the whole “six teraflops” thing being a bit forced.

I would have personally preferred to have them stick with the reveal of the Xbox One S, which seems awesome in its own right, and save the Scorpio reveal for a later date when they actually have something to show. I understand wanting to beat Sony to the punch, but it almost seems petty to rush a reveal like that just to be the first one out of the gate to do so. I would rather be better than be first, but that’s just me. Still, cool to hear the developers praising the power of the system.


Bethesda Has a Big Mess to Clean Up After Blowing So Many Minds With Prey, Quake and Skyrim

While only in their second year of conferences, Bethesda has already made quite the tradition of being pretty damn great at it. With the reveals of Fallout 4 and Doom last year, many people were worried that their conference this year would be a bit lackluster, considering Dishonored 2 has already been revealed and showed off fairly significantly. How wrong they were. Not only did Bethesda not disappoint, they came out swinging and completely avoided a sophomore slump. A Quake reboot. A Prey reboot. A current-gen Skyrim remaster. Everything they revealed looked just as great as what came before it, and this year proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that Bethesda is one of the biggest players in the games… game.

Hope you weren’t wanting more time with your family and loved ones.


The Zelder Scrolls?

After years of teases and disappointment, the Big N finally pulled back the curtain on the new Legend of Zelda, now known to be called Breath of the Wild. Nintendo has been clear about how they are shaking up the traditional Zelda formula with this entry in the series, and after seeing the gameplay, that was certainly not an understatement. It would be understandable to confuse the game with a kid-friendly version of Skyrim, considering the sprawling open world, foraging, etc. The addition of technology into Hyrule is also a surprising addition, taking the series in a very different direction than what fans have become accustomed to for the past 30 years (Jesus).

30 years. God dammit. That’s just setting in. That’s a tough pill to swallow.


Kratos is Back, Baby

The last main God of War game was Ascension back in 2013, which received a less than stellar response from fans of the series. Sony is seeking to remedy that, however, with the next game in the series, simply titled God of War. Taking place an indeterminate amount of time after the original series of games and switching to a Norse mythology setting, this new look into the life of a bearded Kratos with a kid looks to be a big departure from the previous games, in terms of both tone and gameplay. Different definitely doesn’t mean bad, however.


The new take on the series looks phenomenal in every possible way. Narrative, gameplay, graphics, everything looks to completely revamp the series for the current console generation and the modern era of gaming in general. And, I mean, come on. Kratos with a beard. What more can you ask for out of a game?


…And so is Crash Bandicoot

But honestly, and I mean this very sincerely, does anyone legitimately care about Crash Bandicoot coming back? Don’t get me wrong, I had fun playing a Crash game here and there back in the 90s, but Crash Bandicoot is very much a product of his time. He exudes 90s almost as much as Sonic the Hedgehog does (for Christ’s sake, the big orange bastard wears nothing but jean shorts and sneakers). And let’s be honest, his games were never that good. Sony isn’t even making a new Crash game, either. They’re just remastering the original three and bringing him to Skylanders. I feel like they expected the reveal to be a lot more impactful than it actually was. It’s cool in theory, but actually getting down to it… Eh. Take it or leave it.


Maybe the only mascot that looks worse in HD.

Now, this list was not meant to be comprehensive. There were obviously plenty more reveals and surprises than what was listed here, these were just a few that I felt like talking about. What about you? What surprises left you speechless? Do you agree with mine? Disagree? Tell me how wrong I am in the comments below.

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