Gotham Episode 19 Review: “Beasts of Prey”

***As always, this review will contain spoilers. You have been warned.***

It’s been a long month of waiting, but Gotham has finally returned! I’m still not entirely sure why they decided to have such a long hiatus when there are only a handful of episodes left, but that’s another story. All of our favorite characters are exactly as we left them. Bruce is trying to track down the man who stabbed Alfred, Fish Mooney is attempting to escape from The Dollmaker’s island, Gordon is working on a new homicide case and The Penguin is looking to buy a new restaurant for some reason.

Fish hasn’t been the most popular character in the series, but she definitely had the most interesting plot line in this episode. She’s been captured by The Dollmaker for quite some time now, but not anymore! She comes up with an elaborate plot to kill the doctor, trick some of her fellow inmates into being distractions and escaping via helicopter. Her story has had so many twists and turns, but somehow the surprises keep coming. Jada Pinkett Smith is still having a blast playing the villain and she attacks every piece of dialogue like a venomous snake. What’s not to love?


This episode didn’t start off too exciting for Jim Gordon, but things on Gotham are never as they seem. What looked to be a fairly normal homicide case has turned out to be something else entirely. Not only is the murderer actually a serial killer, but he goes after the loved ones of any cop who tries to stop him. I’m guessing this will be the last time Jim accepts a case from a random coworker. The plot thickens even further when we discover that it was the commissioner’s idea to give the case to Gordon. Ben McKenzie really gets to show off his acting chops when he comes face to face with Commissioner Loeb. It’s impressive to watch him transform from the honest every man that we all love into a crazed, gravely voiced cop on a mission. With so many colorful characters on Gotham, it would be easy for McKenzie to fade into the background. However, he never does for a second. Donal Logue is equally enjoyable as his gruff partner, who had a few hilarious one liners in this episode.

Meanwhile, Bruce Wayne is on a mission to find Reggie Payne and find out why he stabbed his beloved butler/guardian. He enlists the help of his best frenemy Selina Kyle and the two find Payne soon after, which gives us the biggest piece of characterization that we’ve seen from the series so far. Bruce instructs Selina to confiscate Reggie’s bag of medicine and dangle it from the balcony as he interrogates him. It’s an exact parallel of the Batman tactics we’ve all come to know. We also see him attempt to push Reggie out of a window, but quickly decide against it. However, Catwoman has a different way of dealing with things. She pushes Reggie out of the window herself and it’s the perfect example of Bruce and Selina’s respective personalities.


Gotham has once again proven that the writers have a great sense of what these classic characters are all about, while still offering a new, compelling take on the Batman mythology. Each episode has a new set of unexpected twists, which is nice to see considering we all know what will eventually happen to each character. With only 3 episodes left, it’s safe to say that things are only going to get more intense from here. Bring it on.

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