Gotham Episode 5 Review: “Viper”

The latest episode of Gotham introduces the city to a street drug known as “viper,” which when breathed in can cause a sense of euphoria. Also, it gives people super human strength before killing them. Seeing an everyday homeless man lift up an ATM machine with his bare hands may seem like a scene that would be more at home on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., where sci-fi and superhero elements are the norm,but somehow Gotham makes it work in their more “realistic” comic book world.  It also doesn’t hurt that “viper” and its more powerful counterpart, “venom,” could possibly be setting the stage for a future Bane appearance. I suppose in a world where weather balloons can be used as murder weapons, superhuman abilities don’t seem too far fetched.

Stan Potolsky (Daniel London), the mastermind behind “viper.”

This episode also does a great job with showcasing all of the extraordinary actors in the cast. It seems like every week I’m raving about the relationships between Gordon and Bullock, as well as Bruce Wayne and Alfred. The writers do such a fantastic job with all of the scenes between these two duos, and this week’s episode does not have a shortage of either. David Mazouz IS Bruce Wayne and Gotham could easily be one of the most interesting takes on his origin story that we’ve ever seen onscreen. His detective skills, along with his passion for doing what’s right continue to make his Batman transformation very believable and organic. Mazouz delivers every line with a confidence and curiosity that is quite fitting of a young Bruce.

We’re also given a closer look at a character that hasn’t been explored very thoroughly in previous episodes, when Sal Maroni sits down for a talk with our beloved Penguin. David Zayas is super charismatic, yet frighteningly intimidating in the role. Seeing him face off against Ben McKenzie’s Gordon is a real treat, with both actors spitting dialogue back and forth with expert precision. Another crime boss who really shines in this episode is the lovely Jada Pinkett Smith. She’s having a blast playing Fish Mooney and it shows! Every line that comes out of her mouth is razor sharp and she has no trouble completely dominating every scene she’s in.

Gotham continues to outdo itself every week, with each episode delivering a top notch story on a cinematic scale. The cast is incredible and all of the actors are given a chance to really stand out. I hope they all go on to be successful in other projects because there is just so much talent in this show. The one bad thing about Gotham? It only lasts an hour.

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