Marvel Announces Major Changes to Classic Characters

Marvel Comics has been around forever, which means some of their most popular characters were created in the 1960’s, while others date as far back as the 1940’s. Considering that time in history, it’s fair to say that the majority of their characters were white men. Fast forward to 2014 and it’s easy to see why this might be problematic. Marvel’s characters have become more popular than ever, but things are a lot different than they were back then. It turns out not everyone in America is a white male and people would like to feel represented in the media. Luckily, Marvel has taken notice and taken action.

It was announced on The View that Thor will now be a female character. Series writer, Jason Aaron, points out that this “is not the Thor we knew transformed into a woman. This is a new character; someone else picking up the hammer.” The male Thor that we all know will still be included in the comics, although he will no longer be worthy of his hammer.

This is not the only major announcement that Marvel has made. It was also revealed on The Colbert Report that Sam Wilson (Falcon) will now be the new Captain America. This news is particularly interesting because it could potentially happen in the Marvel Cinematic Universe within the next few years. Chris Evans seems to be calling it quits after Avengers 3, meaning the role of Cap will be up for grabs. It’s possible that they will still have Bucky (Sebastian Stan) become the new Captain America, but part of me really wants to see Anthony Mackie get the job. After a standout performance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, he seems more than capable.

I understand a lot of hardcore fanboys get upset when they feel like their beloved characters are being tampered with, but this issue is so much bigger than comics. Will these changes bring an end to racism and misogyny? Probably not, but representation is important. Imagine a 9-year-old girl being able to see a female Thor on comic book stands everywhere, or a black, 8-year-old boy lining up to see Anthony Mackie star in the latest Captain America film. Sure, you could relate to characters of any color, but for those kids it will be a special moment when they see these heroes and think “Hey, they’re just like me.”

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