Mystique Deserves Her Own Film

BY JESSIE NYLAND→ After watching X-Men: Days of Future Past, I am reminded of how incredibly badass Mystique is. I could be biased by the fact that I am a woman who absolutely loves any film starring a badass, powerful woman, but I don’t see any reason for why Mystique, otherwise known as Raven, shouldn’t have her own film.

Jennifer Lawrence stands proudly as Mystique.

Mystique is perfectly complicated, giving her the capability to star in her own story. She’s part villain and part hero, and that means you can take her character basically anywhere. Not only is she a cutthroat freedom fighter, but she is also an X-woman with a complex past, begging for more of her story to be unraveled. Played by Jennifer Lawrence in more recent X-Men films, Mystique is intriguing and made relatable to the audience. Her struggle to find her individuality and the cause she stands for is what we needed to see; we want to know that villains have reasons. Mystique is so complicated that she’s understandable to the human mind.

Lawrence portrays Mystique’s complexity with such power and grace that I have no doubt she could execute this badass, sexy, and commanding role for two straight hours. Just give Lawrence a blue body and she can dominate the screen—naked, may I add.

There’s already room for interpretation of Mystique’s story due to the gap of time left untouched in Days of Future Past between the modern-day and the action-packed events of the 70’s in which the X-Men save the day once again. Plus there’s countless information about her life, love affairs, and missions she undertakes in the X-Men comics that the movies haven’t tackled yet. Someone must be able to do something with all of that unused material, right? So much depth, so much opportunity.

Mystique has my vote for a solo film. If she’s played by Lawrence, even better. There’s so much intrigue there; I’m dying to know more of who she is. Let this kickass woman be the star. I have no doubt that putting her in the spotlight will give us another riveting two hours to rave about.

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