NerdSpeak’s Top 5 Nerdgasms of the Week – 2/13/15 – Valentine’s Day Edition!

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You know what tomorrow is. THAT day. That one day of the year that you probably hate if you’re single and probably reluctantly take part in if you’re not. BUT! To make the most annoying holiday of the year more enjoyable, we’re proud to present a special Valentine’s Day-themed Nerdgasms list. Just… please keep your pants on. We’re not that kind of site (that’s our sister site,


1. Well, it finally came out. To commemorate the sexiest movie releasing in theaters this weekend, please sit back, close your eyes, and listen to the smooth, sultry sounds of Gilbert Gottfried reading 50 Shades of Grey.


2. There’s… I… If… Wow.


3. These are the kinds of Valentine’s Day cards kids need to be passing around in Elementary school.


4. Why is Nintendo weirdly obsessed with getting into the Friend Zone? (You can find even more Valentine’s guaranteed to not get you laid here.)


5. I’d let Buscemi dominate me any day. That shit would be an HONOR. I mean, have you seen Boardwalk Empire?

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