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The Flash Season 2 Review

Did The Fastest Man Alive continue to pick up speed in his second season, or stumble along the way? Here is our review of The Flash Season 2.

Deadpool Review

Ryan Reynolds and company finally give us the Deadpool we deserve, full of R-rated action and humor. Read our review here!

Arrow S3E6 – “Guilty” Review

This week’s episode of Arrow was, dare I say it, “wild.” Will it leave you purring like a kitten or hissing at your TV screen? Read on to find meowt (I am so sorry).

Arrow – S3E1 “The Calm” Review

Jordan reviews the season 3 premiere of Arrow. Did the Emerald Archer’s most recent outing hit the mark, or miss the target completely? Read on to find out.

Edge of Tomorrow Review

In Tom Cruise’s latest, he kicks ass, dies, and kicks some more ass. But is the movie worth watching? Read on to find out.