The EA E3 Conference

These are the notes for EA’s conference. Basically, the minute by minute updates for the conference. It’s a lot, so you might want to check back in later for the neater conference summary. 


  •  My prediction for the EA Conference: “We have decided to not show any gameplay footage, but you guys are gonna buy all of it anyway. We’ll be accepting first borne at the back of the auditorium. Thank you!”
  • 1 minute. I’m looking forward to something new and off the wall. Please deliver EA.
  • I’ve never played a Mass Effect game. Does this make me a bad person?
  • It begins… With a Star Wars: Battlefront discussion. DICE is really getting the little details for the game. Visiting the movie filming locations, viewing the actual movie models at the archives… Oh man. Battlefront! My childhood!
  • They showed some quick in-engine footage in the forest moon of Endor!
  • We’ll see more in Spring 2015 apparently. This game is pretty far off unfortunately.
  • EA is putting the players first. Sure.
  • We are going to see some more Dragon Age: Inquisition. And two more games from BioWare apparently.
  • They are bringing a live cellist onstage. No joke.
  • It’s a different trailer of Dragon Age than the one at the Microsoft conference. Lots of shots of the (beautiful) environment. Dragons, people, animals. Not a lot of action, but it was pretty.
  • Open world gameplay. You actually play as the titular Inquisitor and gather a team to fight… Evil. I suppose. And dragons.
  • Gameplay footage of a dragon battle.
  • This in game footage doesn’t look nearly as pretty as the trailer. Combat looks a bit clunky. I don’t know guys. Hopefully they have time to polish it up.
  • They are showing off the characters that will make up your team. Pretty cool. They comprise all of your basic fantasy RPG classes.
  • BioWare is working on Mass Effect and also a completely new IP. Very, very early in production it seems.
  • And now… The Sims! Woohoo! I don’t care what you say, I love The Sims.
  • Looks like we’ve got a lot more control over the personalities of our sims.
  • We are following a single sim. His behavior is controlled by his personality like always. But it seems that what happens to them has a much bigger effect on the mood of the sims. They can be affected for days!
  • You can share your sim, so others can put them into their game.
  • …And a sim just laughed himself to death.
  • The Sims 4 coming September 2nd.
  • Bruce Lee! Not in person because he’s dead silly. He’s on the screen. They are showing some footage from UFC which Bruce Lee is in. The graphics are really damn good in UFC. The details on fighters’ bodies is nuts.
  • EA has been working on UFC for two years. They better simplify it to fit into EA’s yearly sports release schedule.
  • The fighting looks… Okay. It’s not quite fluid. A little jerky and unnatural. It looks fun though. The knockouts are brutal. And its coming out next week!
  • NHL 15 is on display for all you hockey fans. EA is all talk right now. Show some footage!
  • Here we go. Graphics look pretty damn good. NBA 2K14 levels.
  • Physics and collision detection look to be the best of the series. Probably of any game really. But we didn’t see much so I’ll reserve further judgement.
  • Criterion Games. New IP? Yes!
  • They are showing off a lot of driving of various cars, ATVs, boats, helicopters. Oh and wingsuits. Cool!
  • Apparently this game is in very early preproduction so they didn’t show much gameplay.
  • PGA Tour. No more Tiger Woods in the title. They are using Frostbite 3 engine for a golf game!
  • They just showed a golf course that was set in what looked like the Paracel Storm map from Battlefield 4.
  • And of course, now it’s time for Madden 15. Defense is being completely redone. New camera angles, new moves, blocking is like a mini game.
  • It looks cool. It should make each game more interesting. They say it will make defense better, but I’m worried that it might over-complicate things.
  • Tons of new animations and player reactions. Madden 15 hits in August as usual.
  • Dawngate. I’m not a MOBA guy, but this game still interests me.
  • Yet again, another game where they are holding back the gameplay.
  • It’s a battle arena game for those who don’t know. But that’s all we really know at this point.
  • Mirror’s Edge! Woohoo! DICE. Meh. They botched Battlefield 4 and now they are handling multiple games at a time. The first Mirror’s Edge was a decent game. They have a chance to make it awesome, but at the same time they could mess it up.
  • Hardcore Parkour.
  • The connection for this conference is pretty rough. Hopefully I’m not missing anything.
  • The gameplay for Mirror’s Edge 2 is early, but man it is beautiful. The stark white with the splashes of color. It’s definitely a stylish game.
  • FIFA! Players have emotional intelligence which means they can be whiny bitches and sore losers.
  • It looks like you definitely have a lot more control over the ball in this year’s FIFA.
  • The energy in the stadiums is noticeable. The pitch progressively degrades as the players kick, run, slide and tear at the turf.
  • Looks like they are really going for the drama of the game. Idris Elba narrating a quick video, showing just how epic a simple game of footie can be. I’m excited and I don’t even know why. Go USA!
  • And now we jump right into Battlefield: Hardline. It’s a lot of the same footage that we saw in that leaked trailer for the game a while back.
  • Say what you will, but I like that Battlefield is getting a new perspective. At least it’s totally different. Cops and robbers!
  • And Visceral is taking over the campaign. Good news after the disappointing story of Battlefield 4.
  • Now they are going to show a game of Heist with 32 players. The true cops and robbers mode.
  • It looks exactly like you would expect. Literally Battlefield minus war. Does it look cool though? Yes!
  • The player chatter is perfect! Really sounds like robbers talking to each other.
  • And yes, cops can use a taser to subdue robbers.
  • And they are showing a levolution! A crane crashing into a building. The streets are flooded with dust and the robbers are given a moment to advance.
  • Holy shit, a character said, “Don’t tase me bro!” in the game. Then he got tased.
  • Lots of pistol action. Of course the classics are there too though. M16s, shotguns, snipers, Uzis.
  • The arrest animation is pretty badass.
  • They are launching a beta today. Sign up online! Holy cow.
  • PS4 owners get it just by having Battlefield 4. Downloading it myself now!
  • And that’s it for EA. Maybe a little underwhelming. Still cool though.

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