The PlayStation 4 Six Months Later

BY CODY SEYMOUR→ To be honest, I’m not much of a numbers guy. That’s not really what this article is about. All you need to know is that the PlayStation 4 has sold quite well. But that doesn’t really affect us, does it? What do we care if Sony is selling tons of systems as long as they don’t go out of business and stop supporting the PS4? How has the PS4 really done? Let’s talk about it from the viewpoint of the gamer.

The PlayStation 4 and the DualShock 4

I received my PlayStation 4 on November 15, 2013, the day it was released. Since then I have logged more hours than I care to admit and I have enjoyed every single one of them. To be fair, Sony could have shipped a system made out of potatoes and I still likely would have enjoyed it. I love games and I am truly an equal opportunity gamer. But I have enjoyed the PS4 so much because it improves upon the PS3 in just about every fashion. I don’t really think I need to go into a full-blown review of the PS4, but just know that it’s a fantastic console.

However, as great as the console itself is, Sony’s work since its release has not exactly been perfect. They haven’t exactly been expedient with solving issues that PS4 owners have been complaining about since day one. It wasn’t until a recent patch that we gained access to some basic features that were promised before the release. Certainly it did not take over five months to write up a patch to allow users to save data from the console to a flash drive? Ah, but these are just small complaints that are common in the early days of a console’s life cycle. Soon enough, most if not all of the features we have all patiently awaited will be available. But will we make it to that mythical day or will we all die of boredom waiting for new games to come out?

Don’t get me wrong, there are some fantastic games currently available for the PS4. Keyword: some. New releases have been sparse over these six months. Certainly it is Sony’s goal to keep players playing and talking about the PS4, but I have found drifting to the plentiful lands of PC gaming to supplement my console gaming. Aside from InFamous: Second Son, KillZone: Shadow Fall, a handful of sports games, and port-ups from the PS3, there hasn’t been a great deal of support for the the PS4 from major gaming studios. Now of course, I’m writing this before E3 2014. Who knows what awaits us this year. But for now, we are stuck with a handful of AAA titles and some thankfully fantastic indie games on the PlayStation Store.

“Please don’t leave. We are gonna have so many cool games!”

Of course, lack of games is quite an impermanent problem. By this time next year, I can nearly guarantee we will have more choices than we do money.

So what are some issues that may plague the PS4 for a more significant amount of time?

Well, anyone who spends even a modicum of time in just about any PS4 forum will have an answer: The DualShock 4. Specifically, its durability. Just as any problem, it hasn’t affected every PS4 user, but there are many out there frustrated by the wear that their controllers have already suffered in the relatively short time since the PS4’s release. I personally have already been forced to replace a DualShock 4 due to a faulty right trigger. Also, and this is the most common issue that others have found, the rubbery material that makes up the thumbsticks on the DualShock 4 has begun to peel. I know it seems like a very minor issue, but it really isn’t acceptable when the controllers cost $60.

God, such a first world problem.

You can be certain that Sony will eventually address this issue and hopefully make the DualShock more durable. In the meantime, gamers will have to rely on the warranty for their console to get their controllers replaced. It’s a hassle and really should never have been an issue.

After all of this complaining I can see how you would begin to think that I may have lied about how much I like my PS4. But really, these are the only complaints I have and I don’t believe that they will be factors forever.

Indeed, there are many more positives for the PS4. A smoother UI, beautiful graphics, great games on the horizon… The future of the PS4 looks bright and I can say with the utmost confidence that the next six months will be much better. If you are still on the fence about buying a PS4 take all of the things I mentioned into account. Maybe you should wait for that perfect game. Or perhaps you should sit back and let Sony release all of the features that they promised when they announced the PS4. Hey, it might even be a good idea to see what Sony does to improve the DualShock 4. You know what though? If you are capable, you could just buy the PS4 whenever you want. You’ll probably have a good time no matter what.

You could look as happy as these smug f***ers


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