The Ubisoft E3 Conference

These are the notes for Ubisoft’s conference. Basically, the minute by minute updates for the conference. It’s a lot, so you might want to check back in later for the neater conference summary. 

  • The conference starts in 5 minutes. Who knows what we’ll see. Far Cry 4, Rainbow 6 and Rayman are safe bets.
  • Beautiful mountains and a monkey? Considered my interest piqued.
  • It seems that the bad guy in Far Cry 4 is a batshit crazy member of an Asian boy band.
  • As with last year, Aisha Tyler returns to host the Ubisoft conference.
  • A surprise to nobody, Just Dance 2015 is announced, complete with weird colors and popular music.
  • I like Aisha Tyler, but am I the only one who thinks she tries a little too hard to inject comedy into the show?
  • Ubisoft announces Just Dance Now, a mobile app that allows a bunch of people to dance (?) to shitty music using their phones.
  • Good to see The Division being shown again. It was too awesome to just tease last year and then forget about.
  • While the idea of an apocalyptic contagion may seem overdone, The Division disagrees. For the second year in a row, it blows everyone away with an amazing trailer.
  • Whether you like driving games or not, it’s undeniable that what The Crew is doing is one of the most impressive things a video game has ever done: having the entire United States as your playground.
  • Ubisoft announces a closed beta for The Crew in late July. They also announce the official release date to be November 11th for XBox One, PS4 and PC.
  • The French Revolution has never looked more badass than it does in Assassin’s Creed Unity. I say that with full knowledge that The French Revolution was the setting of Les Miserables.
  • What’s the point of introducing the guy who’s playing the game? Am I an asshole, or is there anyone else out there who really couldn’t care less?
  • Apparently assassins have really short attention spans.
  • Gameplay for Unity shows pretty standard Assassin’s Creed combat. If you like the combat of the other games, chances are you’ll still be happy. If you haven’t liked the others, it doesn’t look like this will change your mind.
  • The Frenchiest human being on the planet is introducing a new fitness game called Shape Up, that apparently presents gamers with challenges that really encourage working out and staying in shape.
  • The demo shown uses a step pad in a DDR-esque game, with a strange techno remix of Eye of the Tiger.
  • An American and a Frenchman walk out onto the stage of Ubisoft conference to show off the multiplayer aspect of a new fitness game. The French guy surrenders. Just kidding. They just do some push ups.
  • The tone of the show shifts significantly more solemn as the eagerly anticipated Valiant Hearts is shown, a deeply emotional portrayal of the first World War.
  • Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot takes the stage to give a personal thank you to the fans and close the show with one more announcement.
  • Still no name, but whatever the game is, it’s being toted as a very team-oriented FPS. Maybe Rainbow Six?
  • Yep. Rainbow Six: Siege.
  • It looked so awesome that apparently it gave Aisha Tyler a gamegasm.

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