Top 5 Characters That Should Be In Injustice 2

A few months ago, before Injustice 2 was officially announced, I was planning on writing an article about what DC characters NetherRealm should put in a hypothetical (but inevitable) Injustice 2. Then, a week or so before E3, the game leaked and was subsequently officially announced. Cue my rampant excitement.

At the top of my list of characters that needed to go into the (at that point unannounced) game was Atrocitus, villain to Green Lantern and leader of the Red Lantern Corps. I absolutely love Atrocitus, and I felt like he would make for an incredible addition to the Injustice universe. So who was one of the first characters that NetherRealm revealed for the game?


Mother fuckin’ Atrocitus.

By this point, my excitement for the game was through the roof, and now I REALLY want to write about the characters that should go into the game. So without further ado, here are the top 5 characters that should be added to Injustice 2.


Beast Boy

Who doesn’t love Beast Boy? Whether you grew up reading him in the Teen Titans comics or watching him on the excellent Teen Titans cartoon, chances are, you’re familiar with the little green Titan. His laid-back demeanor and ability to transform into any animal he wants have made Beast Boy a fan-favorite character for decades.

BB seems like such a natural fit for the Injustice universe that it really surprises me that he wasn’t in the original. I can vividly picture all of his special moves turning him into different animals for the duration of the attack. A charge attack that turns him into a rhino, an aerial dive/swoop that turns him into an eagle or a hawk, a throw that turns him into a gorilla… There are endless possibilities. Plus, I would give anything to see his super move be an homage to Liu Kang’s old Fatality in Mortal Kombat where he would turn into a dragon and bite the opponent in half, but turn into a t-rex and just chew them up and spit them out.


Black Canary

Black Canary is arguably one of the more famous female members of the Justice League, and being such a huge part in both the League and Green Arrow’s life/stories should earn her a spot on Injustice 2’s roster. Her martial arts prowess and Canary Cry only further add fuel to the fire.

I imagine Black Canary filling the role of the light, quick, nimble female fighter that every fighting game is obligated to have. Her martial arts abilities would lend to her being an extremely agile CQC fighter, while her Canary Cry would give her utility at range. The Cry could be used both offensively and defensively, as it would serve more as a way of stunning/staggering the opponent than damaging them, opening them up for punishment with her lightning-fast punches and kicks.


Swamp Thing

How cool would it be to be able to devastate your opponents by wringing them dry with giant vines or pulling them down into a swamp? I loved the idea of incorporating a fighter that could take advantage of plants, and I went back and forth in my mind about whether to go with Swamp Thing or Poison Ivy. In the end, I had to give Swampie the edge, mainly due to the fact that since his body essentially is a plant, the things he would be able to in the game would be much more diverse and unique than Ms. Isley.

Swamp Thing would feel very much at home in the thick of an Injustice brawl, what with his abilities to change his body, attack with plants, and teleport to different areas. NetherRealm loves their teleporting characters, and I just imagine Swampie having a special move where his body turns brown and dies, and a brand new body grows out of the ground behind the opponent. Add to that the potential for some ranged assaults by extending his limbs and using vines, and suddenly he becomes a serious force to be reckoned with.



Firestorm is an incredibly powerful hero, and one that would translate very well into an Injustice fighter. My ideas for him, though, don’t exactly adapt him from the powerhouse that he is in the comics. Instead of making him a generic slugger that can shoot fire, I recommend making him a more technical fighter.

As opposed to just having him shoot fire and have that be the extent of it, Firestorm could be a very interesting and effective area control character. His fighting style would be primarily concerned with keeping his distance from the opponent, using his speed and flight abilities from the comics to make him very hard to hit. While playing keep away from your increasingly frustrated opponent, Firestorm would project streams of fire out of his hands that, while not incredibly damaging on their own, would not only be effective in pushing the opponent back from Firestorm, but also giving the opponent a “burning” status and doing damage over time. These effects would last for a few seconds at a time after being hit, allowing Firestorm to jump in, light up the opponent, and get out of dodge while the burn damage wreaks havoc on a helpless opponent.


Dr. Manhattan

Whaaaaaat? Ol’ Blue Dong from Watchmen? Oh yeah. Watchmen was originally published by DC, and DC’s new Rebirth print has basically confirmed that Watchmen is a part of the DC Universe now. So no, Blue Balls isn’t off limits. Since Dr. Manhattan is basically God, there would have to be a bit of a suspension of disbelief when Batman knocks him out with a Batarang, but hey, it’s a fighting game. They’re not supposed to be realistic.

Doc would use lots of long-range energy attacks, ranging from beams to spontaneous explosions to reality-warping moves. He wouldn’t have much of a physical aspect to his character, so the vast majority of his utility would be in his special moves. He would be a fighter only for the very skilled, but once you reached that level, lesser players would kneel at your feet.


You know the drill, NerdSpeakers: Agree? Disagree? Comment. Explain.

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