What I Would Like to See from the Deadpool Movie

Well, folks… It’s happening. The Merc With a Mouth is getting his very own feature length film on February 12, 2016. I would say that this is at least in part due to the fervor that the leaked CGI test footage created when it found its way to the Internet this summer. So, you know, go Internet!

But let’s get down to the nitty-gritty here. We know very little about this movie. Sure, we can assume a lot of things: Ryan Reynolds will probably play Wade Wilson Deadpool. The script will likely be a version of the one Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick wrote a few years ago. It’s gonna be a awesome. However, we know none of these things for sure, especially that last one. You have to remember, the company making this new Deadpool movie also gave us the… Well… Less than pleasing treatment of Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Some people might go so far to call that version of Deadpool an unholy abomination meant to burn in the lowest depths of hell while constantly being urinated on by demon babies. Their words, not mine.

Deadpool Abomination

They took a character called The Merc With a Mouth… And got rid of his mouth…

So I suggest that you remain cautious with your optimism for this movie. With that being said however, I do believe this can be a highly entertaining movie that is significantly different from the usual superhero fare that the studios are punching into our faceholes all year, every year. Here is what I believe this movie needs to not suck. These are just my opinions and I encourage you to present your own opinions in the comments below because this is my website and I get to write the articles.

Ryan Reynolds

You know, calling me Captain Obvious isn’t going to make me not put this one first. This movie needs Ryan Reynolds. With all of the things that X-Men Origins: Wolverine did wrong, casting Reynolds as Wade Wilson was not one of them. Now I know he has fallen on tough times and made some pretty bad movies over the years, but I tend to look towards his indie fare. With films like Buried and the upcoming indie flick The Voices, Reynolds shows that he is more than just a muscly pretty boy and I’ve got a feeling he’s hungry to show that on a bigger scale. Also, he is one of those special actors that can actually pull off the physicality and humor of a superhero, especially one as well known for wacky antics as Deadpool.

And look, I know Ryan Reynolds is a stud. His face alone can sell a movie to a significant portion of people who like hot dudes.

Ryan Reynolds

The reason your girlfriend will want to see the Deadpool movie with you. or maybe she just likes Deadpool. I don’t judge.

But we aren’t going to get to see the stunning jaw line or six pack abs he is known for; that’s just not who Deadpool is. In fact, we will likely spend most of our time looking at Deadpool in his full mask and suit. So that frees Reynolds from having to be the heartthrob (which was one of my many complaints with Green Lantern) and allows him to just become Deadpool. For those of you who can’t see him as anything other than Ryan Reynolds playing a character, this shouldn’t be a problem for a Deadpool movie. So yeah. Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool. End of discussion.

Less Chimichangas, More Disturbed Anti-Hero

Believe it or not, the character of Wade Wilson has a great deal of depth. There have certainly been a lot of writers who have used him as little more than a fourth-wall breaking, joke slinging murder-machine, but the man has a pretty dark story. Dying of cancer, experimented on in the same program that gave Wolverine his adamantium bones, torn apart and put back together, Wade Wilson is a severely damaged man whose own body is constantly fighting itself as his healing factor against his aggressive cancer. All of his experiences have left him mentally and emotionally broken. He cracks joke, breaks the fourth wall and kills bad guys and good guys a like. He is a totally unique character who has has seen some ups and downs in the writing of his stories. The character himself has joked that his back story depends on who is writing it.

All I really want to see from this movie is the more subtle Merc With a Mouth. Of course he should jabber non-stop. Of course he should break the fourth wall. Of course there should be humor. However, this doesn’t mean that Deadpool has to dispense pop culture jokes like candy. He has the potential to be a fascinating character, so please for the love of God don’t make a bunch of jokes about tacos, chimichangas and pancakes.

Deadpool and Chimichangas

He… He doesn’t even like chimichangas.

A PG-13 Rating

Gasp. I just dropped the gauntlet Internet. This will not be a popular opinion. But you know what? Don’t care; I really don’t. Tell me one good reason why a Deadpool movie needs an R rating? You wan’t him to drop F-bombs left and right? That’s not Deadpool. There is no Marvel character who uses language so foul that an R rating is required. Perhaps you want to see all of the blood and gore that comes with cutting people into pieces with a sword. But why? Is the blood really necessary to your enjoyment of the film? If you answered that question with a yes, well then you need to get your priorities straight. Comics are usually relatively restrained when it comes to blood. Sure, they aren’t blood-free, but you rarely see puddles of blood and severed heads. I think we will all be perfectly fine if the filmmakers are forced to show a little restraint. In the end, it will give more people a chance to see the film and in turn give the film a better chance at success. Otherwise, we could end up with a blood-soaked, foul-mouthed film that no one will see and Fox will never take a chance on something like this again.

So please, abate your bloodthirst for just a moment you weirdos. Let’s give this movie a chance to be a hit.

No Superheroes

I feel like yet again people are going to disagree with me here as this is one of my weirder desires for this film. I know Deadpool is most often tied to the X-Men which is a huge cast of superheroes, but I would really like to see him get a true solo film here. Get him out of the superhero world a bit and put them out there on his own doing his mercenary thing. I’m not saying that a few superhero cameos here and there would ruin the film, but I don’t think making Colossus (who featured pretty prominently in the Reese/Wernick script) a large part of the film would be a good idea. Deadpool is crazy, annoying and twisted. It makes perfect sense for him to be alone in the film.

With that being said, it makes me what kind of villain we should expect for this film. Deadpool, while ridiculously popular on the Internet, isn’t exactly an A-list character. He doesn’t get leading roles in many events, his series are usually relatively small in scope and he is often relegated to supporting roles on other series. But there is a solid 20+ years of Deadpool stories to pull from and I am fairly certain that it can be done. Hell, if we are going with the “no superheroes” route, why not go ahead and do away with supervillains as well. Deadpool is just a mercenary after all. I don’t think this movie needs a all-powerful, world-threatening super-baddy like other Marvel movies. The more time we spend getting to know the subtle complexities of the character, the better.



So this was my very general list of what I want to see from the Deadpool movie. Even if you haven’t read a single comic book in your life, I think that you should have a better understanding of what a potential Deadpool film may be like. This film is still a year and half from release so I can almost guarantee that my views and expectations for this film will change drastically. Like I said, we don’t even know who is playing Deadpool yet. For all I know, it could be an animated film. I guess we will just have to wait and see. In the meantime, feel free to let me know what you want to see in the Deadpool movie in the comments down below. Also, check out @NerdSpeakco on Twitter.






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