The 6 Worst Comic Book Movie Scenes of All Time

We live in a world where superhero movies reign supreme. It seems like movie theater marquees are constantly covered with the names of various vigilantes, demigods and caped crusaders. Thanks to films like The Dark Knight, The AvengersCaptain America: The Winter Soldier and Guardians of the Galaxy, superhero movies have become a fairly respected art form. Unfortunately, it hasn’t always been this way. We’ve had to suffer through some serious duds over the years, with the occasional stinker still making its way to the box office from time to time. This list includes the worst that these movies have to offer…

6. Hulk (2003) – Poodle Fight 

Ang Lee is best known for directing Oscar-winning films like Brokeback Mountain and Life of Pi, but let’s not forget about the time he decided to travel into comic book territory and take a big, steaming dump on one of Marvel’s most popular characters. There are a lot of terrible scenes in this movie, but the most memorable has to be when we see Hulk battle it out with a group of mutated dogs. Yes, one of them happens to be a poodle. Jennifer Connelly watches in horror as Hulk does his best Michael Vick impression and punches one of the dogs in the testicles. Someone should call Sarah McLachlan.

5. Iron Man 3 – The “Mandarin”

In Iron Man 3, we finally get to see Tony Stark’s archenemy in action! Not only that, he’s played by Sir Ben freakin’ Kingsley! What could possibly go wrong?

In a timely and realistic approach to the character, the Mandarin is portrayed as an Osama bin Laden-inspired terrorist who sends video threats to the United States. It’s pretty damn terrifying, until we find out that the whole thing is a lie and the Mandarin isn’t a terrorist at all. He’s a British actor.

Oh, the horror!

I’ll admit, I thought this scene was hilarious when I first saw the movie. It’s so unexpected and Kingsley’s comedic timing is great, but let’s not forget that this is Iron Man’s MAIN villain. Imagine if The Dark Knight ended with Joker rubbing off his makeup and saying “Sorry, fellas! I didn’t actually kill anyone. I was just joshin’ ya! No hard feelings, right?”

There would have been riots in the streets. We might expect something like this from Sony or Fox, but Marvel? We trusted you.

4. Batman & Robin – Rubber Lips

This list wouldn’t be complete without a scene from the infamous Batman & Robin, which temporarily killed the Batman franchise and turned the superhero movie genre into a running joke. Batman & Robin is mostly remembered for Arnold Schwarzenegger’s portrayal of Mr. Freeze and his plethora of terrible, ice-related puns. However, he’s not the only character who’s fond of cheesy wordplay. If you watch the above clip and take a shot every time someone drops a corny one-liner, you’ll probably end up with alcohol poisoning.

Holy hangover, Batman!

The dialogue is atrocious, but the most ridiculous thing about this scene has to be Robin’s rubber lips. I’d like to think that they’re a deliberate gag, but something tells me everyone on the set of this movie thought rubber lips were a legitimately cool idea.

3. Green Lantern – Hot Wheels

Choosing the worst scene from a crapfest like Green Lantern is no easy task. Between the floating, space diarrhea and Peter Sarsgaard’s testicular noggin, there’s just too much to choose from. Ultimately, I went with the above scene because it’s the moment where I officially lost all hope for this movie.

Also, let’s not forget that Ryan Reynolds compared this shit to Star Wars before it came out. He must have been referring to the prequels.

2. X-Men Origins: Wolverine – The Merc without a Mouth

Honestly, I feel bad for Ryan Reynolds. He’s a true comic book fan and really wants to do right by these characters, but he just keeps getting cast in really shitty movies. It’s a shame because X-Men Origins does a fantastic job with Wade Wilson, but they manage to screw Deadpool up royally. This is a character who’s so well known for his witty remarks that he’s nicknamed “The Merc with a MOUTH,” and what do they do? Stitch his mouth shut. They might as well have replaced Wolverine’s claws with forks and called it X-Men Origins: Screw You, Nerds.


1. Spider-Man 3 – So You Think You Can Dance

If you were to simply read the plot of Spider-Man 3, you might actually think it sounds pretty cool. “All hope seems lost when suddenly Peter’s suit turns jet-black and greatly amplifies his powers. But it also begins to greatly amplify the much darker qualities of Peter’s personality that he begins to lose himself to.”

Sounds like a gritty exploration into the mind of a fallen hero, right? Peter will have to struggle with his inner demons and we’ll get to see a completely new side of Spider-Man. Unfortunately, it’s a side of Spider-Man that no one wants to see. Emo haircuts, awkward finger-pointing and pelvic thrusts galore.

But it doesn’t stop there. No, this movie features two dance sequences.

Three men wrote this screenplay, hundreds of people worked on the set, another group of people edited the entire movie and absolutely none of them said “Hey, maybe we should get rid of these scenes.”

At least everything else about this movie is great…

Never mind.

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